My android cruz wont download apps

When you flash with a new ROM as I posted here, you should have access to the Google play store for apps.
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What do i do.

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  • Step 2: Clear the cache & data of the Play Store.
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I have been trying to get a new music downloader from the playstore but I don't have ample space even after I uninstalled many apps. Show 38 more comments. Chris Opperwall copperwall. This sometimes happens to me on my own phone. The two solutions are to either migrate some of the data photos, music, downloads, etc. I'd recommend getting a file manager from the play store to see what is taking up so much space on your internal storage.

This file manager should do the trick.

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Once you have that installed you can look in your Downloads , Music , and DCIM pictures folders and see if there are any large files that you can delete. If there is a large group of music, pictures, etc. Here's a list of YouTube videos that explain how to do this. This video in particular should be helpful for moving both files and apps to your SD card. Thanks for your answer but I'm afraid that most of my pictures, apps and music were already stored in the SD, since I'm not able to access them when the SD it is removed.

Velocity Micro Cruz T301 Troubleshooting

I uninstalled youtube's updates to be able to download the file manager that you suggested. It is very good but it isn't solving my problem. There are still some apps that won't move to my SD unless I root my phone.

Fix Apps Won't Download From The Google Play Store in Android-Tablet

After downloading the file manager, memory has reached it's limit and I still cannot download apps nor update the current ones and now I don't have youtube D: I tried deleting unnecessary files from apps I had previously uninstalled that were sucking up memory. Any further suggestions? Do you know if I can make google play or any other app stores download my apps in my SD by default?

Why can't I download any more apps?

I've read that it is possible if I root my phone but I'm not sure if it is a good idea. Oh bummer, I was hoping that would work. I've been looking at a few apps that advertise being able to move apps onto an SD card, but each I've tried requires root. I went digging around in the Google Play settings and I couldn't find an option to set a default place to install apps. I remember there used to be an option in the Application Settings page to move an app to SD card, but I checked on my phone and it looks like that option was removed a few versions ago.

I'm pretty disappointed that they removed the ability to install apps to SD cards.

Step 1: Check that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

A lot of recent phones have been shipping with very small internal storage, compared to, say, a 32GB SD card, and once they fill up it there isn't much to do about it. It does look like rooting your phone could solve your problem, but I would recommend against doing so unless you really feel like you know what you're doing. Most of the documentation I found for rooting the Optmius Hub isn't very complete or user-friendly. I have tried evrything all of you had posted and I still can't download anything!!! I'm ready to stomp on it and go back to a landline!!! Show 17 more comments.

Just one comment for those users who, like me, aren't the most technologically savvy. The first step on my LG was to go to apps, then settings, then general, then apps again. This got me to all of my apps and then I was able to go to Google Play Services. Thanks for the fix! Show 2 more comments. Tap to enter then Tap Clear Data. You should be able to download an app now.

Can you Help? The above steps to clear download manager data and then of google play store helped fix the issue for me only after I did a factory reset of mobile first. Another thing I would suggest is visit developer web sites for the programs you want, because this is not an uncommon problem not so much because of pre-Honeycomb tablets, but because there are countries where Google hasn't deployed the Market yet and a lot of developers have alternative ways to try and buy their apps.

If you do end up downloading apps directly from the developer or some other source that doesn't automatically install them Amazon does , you just need to get the. Amazon's app store is excellent. They have everything you need. How can I easily switch between tracks while This thread is closed to new comments. There's also a Test Drive feature that allows you to search for and try out apps in your browser before committing to a purchase. The selection is admittedly smaller than Google Play's catalog, but all apps are screened by Amazon for quality.

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There are third-party options for most of your staple mobile apps -- like your email, messaging app, music player and camera. The native App Store has its own alternatives as well, many of which can be access using your Cruz's Web browser. GetJar, for example, rewards installations with coins that can be spent in-app. You can trade the native Web browser for Opera Mobile and take advantage of its built-in app store as well.

By default, your Cruz tablet will not restrict you from installing applications from third-party app stores. Begin by downloading the app's APK installation file, then launch the App Panel and tap the "Downloads" icon, which is circular with a green downward arrow.

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Tap the name of the APK to install it. If you happen to run into an error message when attempting an installation, approve the option to allow those from "Unknown Sources. Based in Tampa, Fla. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer.